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Steal This Look!

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Steal This Look!

Steal This Look!

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Steak This Look!

Date Night

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Date Night
There are 4 simple rules of Date Dressing that all women should follow.

1) Keep it Understated.
The key here ladies is to keep it simple but stylish. impressions are made in the first 40 seconds, you don’t want your outfit to say complicated.

2) Look Hot not Hott
There is a fine line between looking sexy and looking slutty. a Man is much more likely to take you seriously if you are more on the classy sexy side. The easy way to accomplish this is to remember balance. Pick a feature, be it legs, arms, or back and accentuate that one feature. while keeping a more conservative eye on all the others.

3) Wear shoes you can walk in.
We all know the elongating virtue of wearing high heels and hey beauty is pain right? Well the pain that you are feeling will translate to awkwardness or even displeasure to your date. Wearing a lower heel will still create a sexy leg line without compromising mobility.

4) Look a million bucks not like you cost a million bucks.
The point here is too look effortless and beautiful. Not High Maintenance. It can be intimidating for some men who feel they need to compete with this perceived standard.