Dress up your Shape : Pear

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Dress up your Shape : Pear
Hello Ladies!
There are a lot of misconceptions about dressing a pear shape, the most glaring is that you must only wear a line skirts to camouflage your lovely curves. This is simply not the case! Enjoy your sexy self and accentuate your curves the right way..
1) Embrace your curves:
First of all straight pencil skirts are your friend, they create a lean line while hugging your hips in all the right places. Look for Pencils that hit just above the knee and are straight from the widest part of your hips to the knee.  
Pants: Wide leg pants are perfect for your shape, again find pants that flare out from the widest part of your hips. You should also embrace straight leg jeans they give the skinny jean look and provide a slimming leg line. Also give Boyfriend Jeans a try, not only are they super comfortable but they create a relaxed waist line.
2) Look for Embellished Tops and Jackets:
These lovely tops add a bit of flare and interest up top, they also catch the eye. The key here is balance, if you are going to do a statement top, make sure that the bottom half is more on the simple side. You don’t want People to be confused as to where to look.
3) Show off your shoulders:
The easiest way of balancing your curvy bottom is to show some skin on top. Bare shoulders eventuate the neck and create a beautifully distracting line on top, drawing the eye to your face and neck.

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